Welcome! Here you will find a growing collection of javascript apps I have built or built-upon to help explain concepts and tutor my two boys in math and literacy. If you like this collection, please fork it and make it your own! Here are a few principles I try to maintain with each new app I add to the collection:


Word Families

JavaScript Word Families flashcard page for teaching my kids.

Image of Word Families

Sight Words Memory Game

The Dolche Words as a memory game. Goes from Pre-K to Third Grade.

Exended from LOLCatz Memory Game by jamesbarnett and Dolch Site Words from Jill Perkins' Workbook.

Image of Sight Word Memory

n-Back Spelling Game

Type the word that the application spells for you and level up.

Image of n-Back Spelling Game

Compound Word Match Game

Build compound words from a random selection of over 1,000 words.

Exended from LOLCatz Memory Game by jamesbarnett.

Image of Compound Word Match Game

Word Categories Hunt Game

Find all the words that match the category.

Image of Word Categories Hunt Game

Alphabet Race

JavaScript alphabet typing game. Teaches childred both alphabetical order and orients them as to where letters are on the keyboard.

Image of Alphabet Race

Sight Words Typing Game

Combining the Alphabet Race Typing game with the Sight Words Memory Game.

Image of Sight Word Typing

Alphabetical Order Sort

Sort the word family into alphabetical order by dragging-and-dropping the words into the right places.

Image of Alphabetical Order Sort

Word Search

The Dolche Words as a wordsearch game. Goes from Pre-K to Third Grade.

Credit to wordfind.js by bunkat and Dolch Site Words from Jill Perkins' Workbook.

Word Search

One-Letter Word-Changer

Change one letter to create new words. For teaching phonetics.

Word Groups from Montessori Mom Phonentic Word List

Image of One-Letter Word-Changer

One-Word Sentence-Changer

Change one word to create a new sentence. Student gets confidence in reading the same words and learns new words with pictures to help.

BY-NC-SA Creative Commons pictures by SEN Teacher.

Image of One-Word Sentence-Changer

Alphabet Flashcards

JavaScript alphabet flashcard page for teaching my kids.

Credit to Corey Menscher.

Image of Alphabet Flash Cards

Creative Commons Book Reader

Interface for reading books to children. Allows stepping through by page, sentence, and word. Also allows for click-highlighting words to read them aloud.

Creative Commons books by Brothers Whim and Pratham Books (Pratham Scribd).

Image of Creative Commons Book Reader

Parts of Speech Game

Similar to the game Mad Libs, a simple application that prompts for various kinds of words and then inserts them into classic public domain texts.

Image of Parts of Speech

Shakespearean Insult Generator

Based on the classic meme, generates a Shakespearean insult. Included here as a demonstration of a very easy program anyone can write if they "View Source" and read the code.

Adapted from matthewtole ShakespeareaInsult.js and Shakespeare Insult Kit.

Image of Shakespearean Insult Generator


A javascript Daisyworld Simulation that starts with Earth values and allows you to adjust them, seeing how the daisy populations shift to change the albedo (reflectiveness) of the planet to maintain a habitable temperature.

Credit to Ginger Booth's mathematical explanations, Irigi temperature explanations, AyexeM random map generation, and HowToDevCode map on a rotating sphere projection.

Image of Daisyworld


Wrote this after seeing how strobelights affect the appearance of fans rotating. Add shapes to the canvase and adjust their rotation rates to create different kaleidoscopic effects.

Image of Kaleidostrobe

Typing Quest

A really fun and mind-bending typing game. I have cleaned up the off-color language from the original and refactored the code a bit to support different skill levels with options easy enough a toddler can hunt-and-peck to play.

Credit to Miłosz Kośmider with input from Adam Bielinski.

Image of Typing Quest


Simulates the speechboard used by Stephen Hawking.

Credit to Cranky's Alphabet Board.

Image of Speechboard

The Boolean iChing

Execute boolean transformations on iChing concepts to find their relationships.

Image of Boolean iChing



Reproduction of the board game where you try to guess the color sequence, getting hints about what you have correct with each experiment.

Image of color matcher

Color Matcher

Add red, green, blue values in hexadecimal until you match the background color. Inspired by What the Color by Lea Verou.

Image of color matcher

Days of the Week Carousel

Carousel of the days of the week with the planets for which they are named.

Image of Days of the Week Carousel



Find the AI before it finds you by balancing evasion, reconnaissance, and attacking. Based on the game Gotcha! described in the book Simulating War by Philip Sabin. Credit to web-tiki for the hexagons CSS.

Image of Gotcha!


Variation on the game tic-tac-toe, "Chung Toi." Where players get three tiles and must move those tiles to get three-in-a-row; however, they may only move their tiles based on the directions of the arrows drawn on them. Includes three levels of AI, but more advanced AI take awhile to process moves.

Image of Twist-Tac-Toe


Number Line

Numberline Navigator page for teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Credit to user372551.

Image of Number Line

Pattern Blocks

A javascript version of pattern blocks built with Fabric JS.

Image of Pattern Blocks

Shape Hunt Cardinality Game

Has children look for both the correct shape and number of shapes. Used to work on n-back skills.

Image of Shape Hunt Cardinality Game

Hundred Board Guessing Game

Click on the odds, evens, or factors. Also a Wolf-Fence Number guessing game, with the computer giving greater-than/less-than hints.

Image of Hundred Board Guesing Game

Wingding Cardinality Visualizer

To help children visualize sets of numbers.

Image of Wingding Cardinality

Base-10 Block Game

For teaching children base-10 number placement values, which are the foundation of our mathematics.

Image of Base-10 Blocks

Money Counting Game

For familiarizing children with American currency and counting by dollars and cents.

Image of Base-10 Blocks

Coordinate Finder / Multiplication Table Primer

Made this when my son wanted to play Battleship, but was having trouble understanding X and Y coordinates. Updated it to serve as a Multiplication table primer when x and y are both numeric.

Image of Coordinate Finder

Equivalency Hunt Game

Find all of the equations that produce a random number.

Image of Equivalency Hunt Game

Equivalency Match Game

Match equivalent equations.

Image of Equivalency Match Game


Find the sequence of operations that produces the number 24 from the four given numbers. Click "I Give Up" if you think there is no solution to see if the game can find any.

Image of 24 Game

Operations Maze Game

From the top-left square, navigate the grid of operations to find the sequence that will get the max score (or minimum score if you toggle the variant). Many configuration options and navigable with keyboard arrows.

Image of Operations Maze Game

Zeckendorf's Theorem

Without using numbers neighboring one another, find the unique combination of numbers from the Fibonacci set that will sum to the target number.

Image of Zeckendorf's Theorem Game

Prime Factor Tree Generator

Slightly tweeked from original code by William Blanchette. Takes any number and breaks it down into a tree of its prime factors.

Image of Prime Factor Tree

Fraction Visualizer

Built on the idea of fraction blocks as a manipulative. Represents fractions visually, as percentage, decimal, and fraction.

Image of Fraction Visualizer

Vector Racer

The graph-paper game Racetrack. Good for teaching the concepts of velocity and acceleration, this game can only be mastered with mathematics. Built with code snippets from m1erickson, Boris Hamanov/Bresenham, and Cthulahoop.

Image of Vector Racer

Magic Squre Tic Tac Toe

A isomorph of tic tac toe where the first player to get three numbers adding up to 15 wins. Try turning off the grid for a harder challenge. Comes with an unbeatable AI and the option to change the target number.

Image of Magic Squre Tic Tac Toe

Puzzle-Piece Arithmetic

My youngest loves puzzles, so this interface for adding numbers really engages him.

Credit to Tim Samoff for the CSS to make the puzzle-pieces and Thomas and Friends Number Game board game for the concept.

Image of Puzzle-Piece Arithmetic

Number Types

Generate products from random numbers and then try to categorize the products by type.

Image of Number Types

Fractal Explorer

For exploring binary trees, dragon curves, Mandelbrot, and Julia sets.

Credit to CodePlayer (Binary Trees), britseyeview (Dragon Fractal), FB36 (Mandelbrot), and evangambit (Julia Set).

Image of Fractal Explorer

N-Back Simon Says

Simon Says exercises memory. I have added a number-only version where the player must memorize increasing-length strings of numbers.

Built on Javascript Simon by Kelly King.

Image of N-Back Simon Says

Number Mandela Generator

Generates a number mandela for exploring primes and factors.

Credit to Joey Grether for the idea. Combines memes from KrazyDad, jingshaochen, dhtmlgoodies, script-tutorials, and javascripter.

Image of Number Mandela

WOW! An RPG of Really Large Numbers

Using a very simple text-based RPG engine, I built this very simple game under direction from my kids. Using this simple framework you can also adapt this example to make your own games. But do enjoy this brief adventure!

Image of WOW!

Maze Navigator

Written by GoshDarnGames. I have updated the code to animate the rendering of the maze and have added a "Programmable" variant--under the "Options" tab--where you can input a set of moves and run them.

Image of Maze Navigator

Conway's Game of Life

Posted here unmodified. Written by Pedro Verruma.

Image of Maze Navigator

Bayes Theorem Calculator

Posted here unmodified. Written by ludios.org.

Image of Bayes Theorem Calculator

Binary Counting Machine

A set of processes that step through counting in binary.

Image of Binary Counting Machine

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